Hi Folks,

I went to collect my jersey and registration pack for the upcoming BUPA Community Challenge today, and discovered that due to some recent weight loss the medium size jersey I ordered is now too big.

I tried to negotiate an exchange to a small with the staff at the registration pick-up desk, but they were adamant that jerseys cannot be exchanged before Friday, when they may be able to swap it with any leftover jerseys that entrants have failed to collect etc.

Therefore, if anyone is wanting to swap a small jersey for a medium, please feel free to make contact with me to arrange a mutually convenient time and venue etc.

If worse comes to worse I'll make do with the medium - if there's a tailwind I'll be able to use it as a sail to hopefully propel me forward! LOL

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Hi I am in the same boat as you but I am riding for a team and my job will be harder to swap...Bloody keeping fit and healthy has it's draw back!

Hi Michelle, I certainly feel your pain!

I don't want to harp on like I have sour grapes, but I do consider it to be pretty crappy service for the high cost of the rego fee.

I had the same issue with my jersey for The Big Red Ride and the Muscular Dystrophy Association was only too happy to swap it.

(Much nicer looking jersey too in my opinion! LOL)

Have to agree.....it was a nice Jersey. I think Muscular Dystrophy have a heap left if anyone ever wants one. They are on Henley Beach Rd in Mile End.

Yep. $40 for a jersey from the Big Red Ride.


Contact Details are:


Janice Phillips │Events and Fundraising Coordinator │MDSA

36-38 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, SA, 5031│PO Box 24, Torrensville Plaza, SA, 5031

T: 08 8234 5266 │F: 08 8234 5866 │M: 0421 874 515

E: jphillips@mdasa.org.au│www.mdasa.org.au

They'll say go and visit them at Henley Beach Road to buy one.

$40 Bargin !!

I might grab one to wear on Friday!

Guys, I can thoroughly recommend them after having done The Big Red Ride last Saturday. They're good quality, look great and fit really well.

Only downside is they only have a quarter length zip, but I can live with that.

Matt, apparently it's compulsory to wear the official BUPA Challenge jersey on Friday, but I'd like to see them stop you if you don't.

A few people I know have worn their own jerseys in previous years and have never had an issue - afterall, you are riding on public roads.

whats the worse thing they can do to you ? ask you to leave because you have worn the incorrect jersey?

I really think it would only perhaps be an issue at refreshment stops, but even then if you show them all the official numbers on your bike and helmet etc. that should be enough proof that you've paid up.

Or maybe just carry your receipt on you.

If this was not my first and riding for a team then I would consider wearing my own but as it is I will either be wearing a sail or hoping to get a small on thurs...


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