This Repco Preset 700C Single Speed Mens Commuter Bike makes riding fun and easy. With a sturdy steel frame and alloy rims this bike is perfect for the ride to work or getting around town on the weekend. Coloured rims, chainwheel and seat clamp make this bike stand out from the crowd!

Out of stock according to the website

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At 19kg and old school headset it may want to join the 2102 5kg weight loss challenge group.

Having said that, I'm on my may to Big W now (at least to have a look)!

None at Hallett Cove Big W.

one hipster says to another "cool fixie, where you get it?"

" a store you have never heared of, its called Big W"....

Yeah like the whole frame lol
I am going to get called a snob or elitist or god knows!
There is now way in the world I would put my skinny arse on that!
I used to pay that much for one tyre let alone a bike, how could that be strong enough to stand on its own side stand let alone support a rider!
Stay away!
was thinking of getting one for a lawn ornament or for bicycle polo :)

i hope that wasn't a dig at bike polo!?

You are neither a snob or an elitist, you just a little about bikes and that the bike is rubbish.

It's probably a direct descendant of the Chinese national bike, heavy, strong, with square wheel bearings. Every mile is a workout! Probably survive a direct hit from a falling apartment block. How long would it last chained to a railing in town? Would anyone steal it?

black will match any kit you want to wear....
All comedians now!

I am not sure how they do it price wise? How does it comply if it complies that is!


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