From "The Age":

"Damaged A380 back in service

The Qantas Airbus A380 that dramatically lost an engine in a mid-air explosion is back in service after 18 months and 139 dollars worth of repairs."

Sounds like they just slapped a coat of Four Seasons on the damaged engine and put the plane straight back into service.

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Thanks......I did manage to work it out eventually :)

They needed to , to maintain their "never lost a jet plane" status.

That's a little creepy, but they must have confidence in their repair job, as they put all their top executives on the first flight since the blowup.

Bet they weren't flying economy class.....

Imagine if you had $400m to spend on bikes.

At the end of the day Qantas probably don't pay.  It's insurers or Rolls Royce. If it's an insurance claim though it must put a hole in their no claim  bonus.

If anyone is interested there is a detailed preliminary report available

The misaligned bore holes on p16 look pretty dodgy.

Pity they wont reintroduce DC3 back into service.......

I want to see the Flying Boats back in service.......everyone sitting on padded sofas, hosties carrying drinks and cigarettes around on trays and nice comfy bunks with curtains if you feel like a snooze.

don't feel bad about this many commercial planes have exceeded their service life ans so had extensive rebuilds and replacement parts.

sorry but what has this to do with cycling in anyway or form ????

No idea. But while we are at it, the first guy on Dancing with the Stars was worse than appauling tonight and who on earth is the new female host?


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