Hi Folks,

Apologies if this question has been asked before.

I realise that it's inevitable that we'll all have bad days on the bike from time to time, but how do others overcome plateaus in performance?

Any advice/tips/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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not giving up is a great start

cup of cement does the trick :D

What type of bad cycling day you having?

You cycling the same routes every time? try changing it weekly or fortnighly with a different cycling group.

What type of performance are you trying to achieve? for example cadence work or climbing hills

Change your routine.

I just keep riding and stop measuring so hard.

Yes, I was going to say leave the Garmin (or computer) at home for a few days. Just ride, pick a different route and don't worry about how hard or easy it might be. Enjoy the views, the air, the rubber on road. This time of year is great for getting some special rides in as the light is changing at the end of daylight saving.

It's amazing what you take in when you take your time.

Nothing in the rule book that says you have to beat your personal best every time you go on the bike. Nor do you have to ride to a training plan or even go out in full kit. Just enjoy the darned thing occasionally, you'll find yourself setting new bests before you realise it.

you need to enjoy the cycling and stop making it a task otherwise you become a slave to it and not a master :)


Ride with me and you'll feel like a champion. I'm so old and slow you could lick me with the chain off your bike.

I think we all have flat spots and we all have different ways of dealing with same. For me I find giving the riding a rest for a day or two helps. I also have days where I just ride without the computer and with no goals in mind except to be home before dark.

More information please?

What are you training for? What's your routine now- hills or flat? Intervals? How many days a week?

Train harder!


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