I've never really ridden out Humbug Scrub and One Tree Hill way and was thinking of going out to Kersbrook and back via OTH and down to Fairview Park or cut across to the top of Anstey's Hill but one section of One Tree Hill Rd looks a bit tight (and steep!).

How is this bit of road for traffic on a Sunday mid-morning?

On a related subject the roads in from Humbug Scrub look good for another H'eroica - like Airstrip Rd.

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Ah.. like the horse who laugh at you on Checker Hill Rd. Thanks.

It's a bit narrow in places but should be OK on a Sunday. Ride it occasionally week mornings and even then there's not a lot of traffic. Gawler Wheelers include it on a few Saturday morning rides. Probably narrowest section is the bridge at the bottom.

Airstrip Rd is steep in places and can vary from smooth dirt to rough corrugations, depending if the council has just graded it or it's due to be graded. Quite narrow in places and can have a few cars travelling too fast for the conditions. Drivers wouldn't expect cyclists to be using the road.

Road could be graded two days before and the corrogation is sure to be back and is never smooth but gravely.

is it the road or the people using it that makes the danger?

AIRSTRIP ROAD! not for road bikes, mtbs but a hard uphill climb and the road is so corogated that it nearly shakes the car off the road.

In that case it sounds perfect for the 2012 H'eroica ride the only problem would be is there a winery we can end up at not too far away?

I've got a plan. Kathy lives up there, perfect place to finish up. Start baking Kathy.

cake and cookies are no problem but only wine here is cooking type. GARY!

Yes winery in Kersbrook next to Cold stores.

Kersbrook Hill Wines just south of Kersbrook. Not bad for coffee either..

There is a winery between Checkers and Kersbrook on the Kersbrook road, has a cafe as well but honestly it really wouldn't compare to the winery on the 1st H'erocia, value, venue and scenery would be hard to match

This was one of my favourite training roads last year. I used to ride it twice a week. 

I had not been down there for many months but I gave it another GO last week.

The reason  I stopped was not because of the One Tree Road, but the road Golden Grove Rd:

(The trucks from Rocla Quarry on Golden Grove Rd were not bike friendly at all. I gave up when I had the lhs side mirror of a b-double swipe over my helmet, & I hung on for dear life as the d*ck head driver attempted to kill me.)

One Tree Hill rd  on the other hand is great fun. It's a tough slog to reach the turn at Seaview, then the the thrill of the extreme down hill, only to start climbing immediately again with a real pinch as you reach Hannaford Hump Rd. 

Another alternative is the beautiful Lower Hermitage rd, but as you have mentioned, those white roads and big climbs as you reach Airstrip rd really make you know your alive !

I really like this area !


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