Cycling Tips Blog has posted a FB site on its page which needs support to get taken down - "Driving on the Bike Path to see how cyclists like it" and using the picture of that horrific accident in Mexico as the profile pic. If you are on FB, search for Cycling Tips which will give you the link to the site. It needs reporting to FB to have it taken down, but you need to be a bit careful about how its reported to ensure that FB takes it down by checking the little box as part of your report.

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Racism, sexism and everything else thrown in too! I am not sure what the perps do with their lives - lie in wait for Doddsy to post something maybe then hurl abuse.

Lets hope FB steps up to the plate, because from what I have seen, it has descended into something that is no longer an exercise of free speech and expression of opinion and violates the terms of use. IMHO.

If you are a cyclist aware driver and have not got your Adelaide Cyclist CAD sticker yet make your request now before my stamps run out!


Wow ... there are a lot of angry people in the world.

As appealing as it is to argue your point of view I'd rather leave this stuff well alone. I doubt even the best engineered argument will change the mind of people on either side of this kind of argument and honestly I think we (cyclists) are just adding fuel to the fires of the minority who wish bikes weren't on roads.

As a regular commuter on some of Adelaide's busiest roads, the last thing I want to do is to make more angry those people who don't like me in the first place.

So for what it's worth, I wouldn't advocate jumping on these kind of discussions. Walk away and go for a ride. Be courteous on the road, obey the law and let's change behaviour and win respect that way.

Just my thoughts.

I tend to agree with Matt on this.

You can not win or have a logical discussion with that type of mentality.

It's a bit like wrestling with a pig, you are both going to end up covered in shit but the pig is going to enjoy it.

Don't even try I say.

I'm fighting the good fight with you Doddsy! If you retaliate with common sense argument most calm down and try to explain themselves. I think it is definitely worth while - if hundreds take over their group with good discussion they lose traction. Foul language versus foul language won't change anything; but good discussion reverses the trend with semi intelligent people and they will come around eventually. Some however are a lost cause.

I'm starting to run out of ideas.

The change lanes to overtake and space effeciency discussions went well.

What would you teach a bad driver? Besides respect and changing lanes to overtake? 


Whilst I really admire your efforts, there is nothing to stop these morons from just continuing to abuse you like five year old children. Its those that threaten with violence or recount stories of their own antics that are really the worry. I am also amused by the fact that some of those who post frequently (not you Doddsy) have personal details available for our information - arts degree, works for Maersk, former school etc.

How about asking them who taught them to drive? Jealous that you never learned to ride a bicycle as a child? Someone tried spamming, but they were obviously blocked. Not you Doddsy!

However, I am really disappointed with FB not taking down the page - it violates just about everything in their terms and conditions.

Goes around in circles,


You win the rego debate, most people dont see it. Someone brings up rego, copy, paste, won again.

Could go on and on.


I really applaud your efforts Doddsy, but I would urge you exercise caution with these people.


It is obvious that they do not operate with the same values and ethics of people on this site, indeed even of the general population.  It seems that they quite enjoy baiting and abusing people.

The fact is, we don't know their state of mind and it seems to me that they have similar view on life as do the looters and rioters in London.

I may be a little alarmist, but there is the possibility that some of those on that FaceBook site would find it amusing, some time in the future, to track you down and give you some grief.

Best to not engage with them at all and not provide oxygen for their flaming or expose yourself and your family to any danger. 


I have seen immense growth in positive public awareness and understanding of cyclists and cycling since I started 21 years ago.  I believe that groups that like that FaceBook page will always exist, but will diminish in size in the future.



Yep,a lot of the people on there are a lost cause.


Still, a group of 45,000 ignorant people makes for a good target. 

Hopefully sometime in the next year or two some of their friends or relatives decide to ride a bike. Might humanise the situation a bit. 


I hear some schools are now monitoring facebook. I suppose thats a good thing as they can get an idea of who bullies are.

Just so long as it doesn't perpetuate bullying having, a better idea of whats going on is a good thing.

While we're being disturbed, glad I wasn't out cycling in England last week.

Cops attack cyclists.


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