Did I see Obikes on my way through town today?

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no it looks like they were OFO bikes.

I'm not sure how to feel about this bike sharing scheme here?

Might have to download the app and give it a try! Though I usually have my own bike with me.

Incase you missed this video on the Melb Obike fishing here it is.

Luckily for us Adelaide doesn't have a river near the city like Melbourne :-)

Isn't that just because Adelaide has turned it's back to the river and no iniative so far has managed to 'open' op the connection between the city and the river? The closest being a bridge to walk over it. I guess that is how lack of progress succeed by focussing on the downsides that doesn't eventuate

From InDaily:

He said users in Adelaide were bound by a “geofence” – a virtual boundary containing the CBD and North Adelaide – and that they would be deducted “20 points” in the app if they leave a bike outside the zone for more than 12 hours. New potential customers are unable to use the bike if it is outside the geofence.

Damn, I wanted to ride one to the airport instead of taking a taxi/Uber!


Might still be possible if you were flying out somewhere and back in the same day. 

If the scheme is used well it may be expanded to selected other inner suburban areas, probably subject to funding from the state or those other councils. 

neither oBike nor ofo require public funding! ofo is a 'unicorn' company, currently worth more than $1B. The economics are fascinating, and the companies backing them are quite interesting too.

Who cares about need, I'm talking about profits! Just dangle the possibility of a few jobs in front of the government and they'll subsidise anything.

On the topic of subsidies, free kicks and kickbacks - I notice that Garden Grove made the news yet again yesterday and DPTI has still not done anything about them.

I will have no hesitation in looping my lock straight through an ofo bike if they are occupying all the bike parking hoops in the city.

The company should have been required to install new bike hoops throughout the city (at least 120% of the number of bikes) as a condition of gaining permission to operate here, perhaps with a couple at the end of each row marked as being only for ofo bike use and the company's crew relocating bikes to those hoops on a regular basis.

I don't think it will be a bad thing if the government/council funding for the BikeSA share scheme is dropped and the scheme reduces in scope or starts requiring a nominal fee, as accepting government/council funding stops them from lobbying effectively.

I think the bikes are just locked via their back wheel, so you could just move it away from the hoop if you need the space.

Hopefully it makes the council add more bike parking. I can never find one in the MALL anymore.


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