As soon as BISA heard that the State government was going to extend the tram  down North Terrace to East Terrace we asked to speak to Transport Minister Mullighan about taking the opportunity to improve cycling on North Terrace.  (Bike facilities on North Terrace is number 2 in our top 10 wish list.)

We never got the meeting, and now that the plans are out, we can see why.  Not only will we not get bike lanes, but things will be worse, with the existing wide kerbside lane narrowed so much that cyclists will have to occupy the lane with buses and cars.  

Despite making it worse on the road - impossible for all but the brave and fearless - they are doing nothing for cyclists for cyclists off the road either.  One of our committee members wrote to DPTI about it and was told that cyclists will just have to take to the footpath.

Have a look at the promotional video.  Not a cyclist to be seen.  And this from a government that hopes to double the amount of cycling, and for a street that is the state's main cycling attractor.  What a joke!

Instead of providing bike lanes, or at least keeping the existing wide kerbside lane, they've decided to have tram platforms on the outside of the tram tracks, instead of in the centre, as on King William and the rest of North Terrace.  That means 2 platforms instead of one.  Also, it looks like they are going to widen the footpath on the southern side - as if it isn't wide enough already - rather than provide a bike lane.

ie cyclists are being literally and completely ignored.

BISA has put it's stance on our website.  Assuming its too late the change the configuration, we're calling for:

  • converting the footpath next to the buildings on the northern side of North Terrace into a bike path
  • 30kph speed limit on North Terrace
  • part of the eastern footpath on King WIlliam Road north of North Terrace to be reserve for cyclists riding up hill.  (The tram extension down King William Road to Festival Drive similarly squeezes out cyclists.)

If you want to do something about it you can register your interest on the project website, explain your interest as a cyclist.  Better still, you can write to Mullighan: (  telling him what you think.  

Some things you could say

  • cyclists need to use North Terrace to reach the railway station, the unis etc.
  • cyclists on the footpath need a dedicated space for the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists
  • if cyclist are to use the traffic lanes, we need a lower speed
  • he should reconsider the wide footpath on the northern side to make room for a bike lane

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Wayne, interesting video.
In Belgium:
-- Where vehicles parked in bicycle lanes, are the bicycle lanes operational? Adl has peak-hour bike lanes (signposted times) and 24-hr bike lanes (no times stated).
-- Are cyclists permitted to ride on footpaths? Vehicles parked on what might be footpaths, and not permitted in Australia.
-- Are vehicles permitted to park (in bicycle lanes and) on the 'wrong' side of the road? Not permitted in Australia.

My impression of the video is that some Belgian drivers (like Australian drivers) put their own convenience before the road rules and cyclist safety.

"My impression of the video is that some Belgian drivers (like Australian drivers) put their own convenience before the road rules and cyclist safety."

That would be the understatement of the decade!

But it's a global issue, and not limited to bicycles. Also, some cyclists put their own convenience before the road rules and their own safety. Being safe starts with your own responsibility.

Q1) yes bike lanes are always operational, BE does not have 'timed' bicycle lanes.

Q2) No, bikes can't ride on footpaths. In some areas there might be bike/foot next to each other (in AU signed as separate path i.e., and in crowded areas this may cause some crossover, i.e. cyclists/pedestrians getting in each other's way). But generally, no bikes on footpaths. Tiny kids may do it, but go in traffic from an early age.

Q3) No, a bike lane is not for parking, but "some ("many" - own emphasis) Belgian drivers (like Australian drivers) put their own convenience before the road rules and cyclist safety."

here's one from Brussels (lots of talking, Greens politician, the goal was to see if you can cycle from the suburbs into BXL CDB)

I was hit by a car once in Brussels about 20yrs ago (hit my back wheel & no injury), so apart from other reasons to stay away from the city, I didn't go there much anymore, certainly never on the bike. (the roundabout @ 49s is where I got hit)

NO bicycle helmets in Belgium!

Go ride somewhere else because the cars have got only 4 lanes.

Good afternoon

Thanks for your query. As you may know, there are currently no on-road dedicated bike lanes along North Terrace, between East Terrace and King William Street.

The City Tram Extension project requires existing traffic lanes to be removed to allow for the new tram tracks and 3 new stops, which result in two lanes of traffic in each direction along this section of North Terrace. As a result, there is insufficient room for on-road dedicated bike lanes.

The City of Adelaide and the State Government are currently designing new separated bikes lanes (and will commence construction later this year) on Frome St as part of the new North-South Bikeway. This bikeway will enable all people who ride bikes to access North Terrace and then continue via the roadway or on the footpath, using existing pedestrian crossings to access various institutions and businesses along North Terrace.

We are also planning the East-West Bikeway (the route will be announced later this year), which will create a non-stop east/west and north/south separated cycling network providing safe and low stress access for people who rides bikes in and around the city.

For further information about City Bikeways visit:

Please feel free to contact the City of Adelaide directly via email at or telephone 8203 7203


Stakeholder and Community Engagement Team

For more information on the City Tram Extension Project please visit, call the enquiry line on 1300 030 919 or email

That's the same reply I got this afternoon .

Why does the government repeatedly state that it wants to double cycling, then choose not cater for cyclists on King William Road and North Terrace? See quotes below.

King William Road is a major route into the city from inner and northern suburbs.
North Terrace is a destination for cyclists, e.g. 3 uni campuses, a pending high school, libraries, art gallery, museum and new hospital.

Minister Kym Maher’s news release of 9-Apr-2017 titled ‘South Australia to host bike economy summit’ states: “The bike economy aligns with the commitment in the State Strategic Plan to double cycling in a typical week to 600,000 by 2020 and for Adelaide to be the first carbon neutral city by 2020.”

A DPTI post states: “There is an emerging culture of cycling in South Australia. In 2014, about 282,000 or nearly 17% of South Australian's rode a bike for some purpose in a typical week. For a variety of social, environmental and health reasons, the South Australian government is aiming to double the number of people cycling by increasing the number of people choosing to cycle for everyday trips.”

I notice that DPTI are having an event on the tram extension tomorrow from 10am to 4pm on the Museum lawn:

It would be really good if as many people on bikes could give them a visit as possible.  I would suggest riding slowly two abreast on the carriageway as you approach...


Heya - we are keen to get a few videos out about this North Terrace business. Maybe one showing just how fabulously feasible it is for cyclists to share the footpath at peak hour and maybe another showing how great it is sharing the bus/car lane. Anyone have a GoPro or other camera on their bike and want to have a go?

It was kind of nice to sail past all the cars this morning on Victoria Drive. With North Terrace slow due to road (tramway) works, lots of cars were clogging up Victoria Drive and Kintore Avenue -- I guess drivers were trying to access Kintore Avenue from the north (river) end instead of the south (North Terrace) end. Maybe it'll make more city workers rethink their use of cars.


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