There is a new 7.00 am - 9.00 am bike lane on the south of Rundle Street from Fullarton - College Lane.  It runs where there has always been car parking in the past. I tried it for the first time today at 8.55 am and it was full of parked cars.  Has anyone tried it earlier ?  Is it free or are the drivers taking awhile to get used to it being there ? I guess it isn't fully sign posted  yet although the signs at the beginning and end are there.

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8:10 this morning - traffic about normal (on Rundle only due to cars backed up on Fullarton Road) - two cars parked in the bike lane

From the Council

Dear Paul


Thank you for your email.


As you are aware from previous email correspondence, when the new controls were put in the Council’s Compliance Officer’s patrolled the zone on a frequent basis (almost daily for a three (3) week period).


Whilst frequent patrolling will no doubt help to reduce the number of occurrences of illegal parking,  at the same times when the Bicycle Lane restrictions are in effect, the Council’s Compliance Officers have several competing demands. Which include patrolling parking around schools, which there are seventeen (17) of  located within the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the patrolling of Clearways and other Bicycle Lanes located throughout the city.


To ensure effective use of Council’s resources a patrolling roster has been developed which ensures all the schools, Bicycle Lanes and Clearways are patrolled on a rotational basis, which includes the Bicycle Lane on Rundle Street.


Notwithstanding the above information, I have raised the concerns with respect to Rundle Street with the Compliance Officers and asked that they undertake additional patrols wherever possible, taken into account the above mentioned roster.


I trust that the information provided is of assistance to you should you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter please contact me on telephone 8366 4556 or via return email.


Kind Regards

David Maywald                       
Team Leader, Customer & Regulatory Services                

Thanks.  I hope they keep the roster secret :-) 

If they were allowed to issue infringements from your camera stills and/or using something like the "Snap, Send, Solve" app it would be a win win for everyone (except the illegally parked car owners, but that's their problem)

I've thought about suggesting that our council do something like this and offer a commission to the first to report each offence.  My thoughts were that for a ~$300 fine (such as parking in a bike lane or on the footpath), the reporter would get a commission of $50.  The value of the commission could be flat or relative to the fine.  Of course council would have to ensure people are trained before they could be able to use the app for certain public interaction type of issues (legalities).  For the most part, the snap-send-solve options would work too, provided that GPS and time coordinates are recorded as well.  Has NPSP council ever discussed this Sophia McRae?

Nelson Tce in the morning between Magill road and Payneham road I'd make a fortune. People parked outside the muffler place usually. A polite word through the window of one such vehicle this morning about being illegally parked got me a F off and long blast of the horn, would love to see that cost the prick some money.

I would be prepared to provide photos for free, to support safer cycling.
If citizens given a spotter's fee, a risk of faked photos.

Three this morning at 7.50 am outside the shop on the corner of Rundle and College.  Prize however goes to the young woman who tried to drive through me at the roundabout on Beulah and Sydenham in Norwood.  

Only one at 8:15

Only two this morning:

Unprotected bin lane this morning 


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