gday biking gurus. im looking at getting a road bike to start both the commute to work and some weekend riding. i have found a giant ocr 1 for sale. second hand. i was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the bike. thanks

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are you still looking around?? what size bike are you looking for?

yeah im still looking, im 6 foot tall so i think a large frame would be the go. thanks

I'm 6ft too and ride a 56cm (medium).  Anatomical differences aside, a large maybe to big for you.

I have an even older giant cfr-1 - if it rides like mine then you'll love it, long as the price is right I guess ;-)

If it has been ridden a lot then you should check if the drive train is clapped out.. carbon frame?.. check that chips have been attended to.

its aluminium frame and carbon forks and seat post. ill make sure i found out how much it has been ridden.


Bikes for refugees,  get some giant mountain bikes  donated - we dont get much trouble from that make.

Couple of ideas; look carefully at the drive train -  it will have some wear, but if a lot, you are maybe up to replace cluster, chain, and front cogs - expensive. Check rear cluster wear, look closely at teeth shape.  Sometimes riders sit on one gear, wear that out. ...  . See if the gears change smoothly and promptly - if not, might mean a worn chain, not just poor gear adjustment.

Basic checklist of points for secondhand bikes here, but its mostly common sense.

andrew i sold my giant ocr not long ago it had ultegra 9 speed gears and was riding perfectly all the time i had it so they are a good bike.

awesome. thats the news i wanted to hear. thanks

Any success?  Its just that I'm building a Giant CFR Team with mostly NOS, and I can't wait to see how it rides - all reports say CFR frames are a good ride.


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