Now I know what the new posts are for. Cycle route signs being added for North Parkland through to and across Regency Road. Is this all we get for the Braund Boulevard planned to roll out a year ago. Signs are good, but the car traffic calming infrastructure that was planned would be good first up. I will cycle on in hope of road treatments to follow. We still need a safer crossing to the Parkland from the South end of Braund.

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When I was there yesterday a brand new shared path on the southern side of Fitzroy Tce seemed to take cyclists towards the swim centre from the Prospect Rd lights. I didn't follow it but will at some other time.

Jilden, the local cyclists and pedestrians tend not to use that east-west shared path, when travelling south to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, O'Connell St or CBD.

Look at a map to visualise this scenario. Get to the northern end of Braund Rd --> travel west along a service road (hidden behind a mound, so definitely vetoed by females at night) --> at the corner of Fitzroy Tce and Torrens Rd wait for 2 sets of lights (pedestrian and traffic) to cross Fitzroy Tce --> travel along the new shared path on the southern side of Fitzroy Tce, sort of east when the path meanders around a playground --> get to a spot exactly opposite the Braund Rd intersection --> now travel diagonally across the parklands in south-west direction to reach the intersection of Jeffcott St and Barton Tce East, where an on-road bicycle lane starts.

When Fitzroy Tce was 'upgraded' earlier (not the last time in 2015-2016) several locals asked for a safe crossing of Fitzroy Tce. The Transport response was 'cannot slow the traffic', with Transport using a narrow definition as motorised vehicles only. At that stage there was no southern shared path, or pedestrian lights across the left slip lane. (Transport had observed how drivers failed to give way to pedestrians, some wheeling bicycles.)

Cyclists do not like the current deviation, and a more time-consuming deviation for pedestrians. However, vehicle speed and flow get priority over safety of cyclists and pedestrians. If the govt had the will to make Active Transport safe and convenient, there would be under- or over-passes at key locations on the inner ring route where much vehicular traffic on multiple traffic lanes.

I assume you meant the southern end of Braund Rd, not the northern. :)

Maybe the new path is not complete? It would be really good if the sealed shared path continued alongside Jeffcott Street, all the way from Fitzroy Tce to Barton Tce. Looking at Google maps, it seems to me that there is lots of room to do this (in fact there's room to put it on both sides of Jeffcott St).

That would leave two reasonable options. During busier times (going south), ride from Braund Road to the Fitzroy Tce / Torrens Rd / Park Tce lights, cross at the lights, then follow Jeffcott St. During quieter times (when you are concerned about that little lane way), cross Fitzroy Terrace at the south end of Braund Rd, then there's a sealed path you can take on the south side of Fitzroy Tce.

Peter, you picked my typo. Yes, southern end of Braund Rd.
Between Fitzroy Tce and Barton Tce it is Jeffcott Rd. Further south it becomes Jeffcott St with bicycle lanes.

In 2015, as coordinator of Adelaide & Prospect BUGs, I forwarded a submission to DPTI re the Fitzroy Tce plans. I pointed out the narrow kerbside lanes of Jeffcott Rd and asked for cycle paths. Have since learned that authorities expect cyclists to do the detour I explained above, plus more detours. Near the intersection of Jeffcott Rd and Barton Tce, travel east to reach Lefevre Tce, Brougham Pl and Frome Rd. There bicycle lanes are in the dooring zone, in contrast with Jeffcott St cyclist-friendly lanes. Much detouring, especially if heading to Central Market on the western side of the city. When driving I will detour to use traffic lights. As a cyclist exerting effort, there is a limit as to how much I will detour. There is a study of how much cyclists are prepared to detour.

Yep - will take picture and have a look when i get a chance. It would be best to do when cyclists are present. I did note cyclists and pedestrians having trouble crossing there during my time observing bike count for Adelaide City Council recently.

Oh no, the Braund bikeway was short lived. Friday night none of those lovely blue signs to be seen! Whats the deal with that?


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