Can anyone recommend a GOOD small, light weight, helmet cam that will except a micro SD or similar, and is rechargeable via USB ?

Just as good info would be what NOT to buy !

Essentially, I want to record my daily commute, as a record in case of accident,  but I am sure it will be used for fun too.

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For me its just insurance... took weeks to establish fault in my car vs bike, while video would have made it crystal clear.  Also wouldn't mind showing non-cycling friends what they're missing out on ;)

Adelaide light manufacturer Night Flux is going to release a sort of black box video camera soon. From what I've heard it will record a loop of footage and overwrite it every set duration (like 20 mins) but can be saved if needed.

Someone via Twitter said "ContourGPS. 1080p, comes with a helmet mount" if that helps.

GoPro, the original ones are now selling for about $250 - try Yamaha World on South Road. We've had one for about a year and done plenty with it, there's a myriad of attachments (helmet, handle bars, chest) and it's only 94g. Battery life is a couple of hours and can be charged with a USB cable. Video quality (HD) is very good considering how small the thing is. The rider who got doored (Paul I think) the other day and was shown on the news was using a GoPro.

A helmet-mounted camera would also be a useful tool to educate local government authorities about poor maintenance, cleaning and vegetation management along bike paths/routes.

A helmet-mounted cam could educate authorities where road changes are required for cyclist safety.

And what we encounter on the road -- that driver education and Strict Liability Legislation is required.

Dr Marilyn Johnson, MUARC, did a study with helmet-mounted cams that disproved common statements by police and coroner that cyclists largely contribute to their collisions. Showed that cyclists were alert, looking ahead and defensive cycling. A dead cyclist cannot defend himself.

I have been hit and injured 3 times by negligent drivers. Third party insurance and their 'medical experts' tried to wriggle out of it and pay little compensation.

I use a GO PRO HD and stem mount it.

I got hit from behind once. Got a good pay out for my persistance. Didnt have a camera or any witnesses.

They probably paid up when offered the alternative.....featuring in one of Durian's videos
I recently discovered these after looking at both gopro and contour cameras. I also recently made a thread about iPhone mounts that enable you to utilise the camera function, there are a few options out there, but iPhone helmet mounts are still not available yet
This looks neat. Yet to be released but aimed squarely at the Go Pro market. Is fully waterproof and comes with an option of wifi kit so you can upload live footage (presumably have to be within range though). Bit pricey compared to the cheaper options out there, but not aimed at them either

Local website

I bought this in October last year, and its great.  Use it on my daily commute from Highbury to the city every day.  Quality is good and picks up rego plates easy if there is a close call on the roads.  Also use to record 'Dog Sledding"

its great when motorists start mouthing off at you, they soon shut up when you tell them you have a helmet cam!!

Got mine for $159 but I thinking they are selling now for about $179


Thanks Cheryl. The info on the link looks interesting and you say it can pick out rego. Some bullet cams are dearer. At that price could buy 2 for forward facing and rear facing.

Yep the footage is very clear, used it to complain to Toll IPEC when one of their trucks nearly hit me in a bike lane, they said they would use it in their driver awareness training.

I record 10 trips a week, mostly nothing happens and I just delete them but its useful for that one incident when you need some evidence.


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