The people who organised the recent "Race to the Rock" are preparing their next even bigger and crazier challenge The Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Unsupported, non-stop, Freo to Sydney next March.

I'm interested to know how many local riders have entered. I'd like to follow their preparation and race progress in March. I can pencil in a few names pretty safely, but it'd be good to have a list. 

The event is limited to 90 starters, and over 70 spots are already taken.. Entry deadline Jan 1st.


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Easier to recuperate in Perth with better facilities?
Re-starting at 1000km adds recuperation days to total?
Re-start from Perth, and obvious she did the route in X days?

Sounds like for these athletes, re-doing 1000km will take under 3 days.
Am guessing while ill, she uses public motor transport to return to Perth.

Caught up with Davin Harding in Tanunda on Saturday afternoon, and he had about 4 outriders with him at that point.

Looks like Sam Jeffries will be coming through Adelaide tomorrow (Monday).

Sad news. Limited details this morning.

Cyclist in Indian Pacific Wheel Race from Fremantle to Sydney killed in pre-dawn crash outside Canberra
Published by ABC News on 31-Mar-2017

I met Mike when he came through Adelaide. Can't believe it.

Always sad to hear that a cyclist has died.
At the updated ABC link, statement that the event has been cancelled. A mark of respect?
Until the investigation is completed, there will be the question of whether cyclist fatigue contributed to the crash. Another possible factor is reduced visibility before dawn.

Absolutely terrible news :-(

Mike Hall's death won't be last time tragedy unfolds via Google Maps, expert says
Published by ABC News on 9-Apr-2017


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