Linear Park has some construction starting, not far before Hackney Rd. The detours mean you'll probably have to cross Hackney Rd if you're heading along the Torrens. It took me ages to get across this afternoon.

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Heading west I was looking at the possibility of crossing Port Rd at Light Terrace, and then head for Ashley St. (there's another ped crossing opposite the SAAFL oval on Sth Rd.) but George St. & continuing west on N. Parade might also work.

The horrible bumpy and blind corner under OG Rd has been closed and finally being fixed up, hopefully. Saw the closure on the norther side of the river, not sure on southern side as was riding through after sunset. Detour setup involves heading up and crossing OG Rd on the other side of the river then following the footpath back to northern side. Might take a few minutes to cross safely during peak hours.

Looks like the Hackney Rd underpass is getting closer to re-opening. The bitumen crew were doing the new foot bridge approaches and the southern underpass looks almost done.

That's one ugly bridge.

The northern underpass under O G Rd is back open, yay! :) 

Looks like they fixed up the bumpy blind corner, double-yay! :)


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