Lately I'm feeling my age,I'm a middle aged tradesman by day and a wanna be teenager on the weekends(cycling that is).I stand pretty much all day,and kneel constantly to work on trucks.My legs lately are complaining to me even when I'm in bed"Hey you! your right knee does'nt like this any more,your right heel likes it even less.Your left leg is sick of playing second fiddle and having to carry the load for that lazy righty".So....!Cycling is not a problem though,no complaints but I was thinking what can I do to improve my leg health?Any ideas?

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Yep! Could be the common problem caused by errant pedalling technique. Check out spin classes and pedal coaching. Also, if you grind away with your saddle too low - that can strain and cause injury to the knees.

Steel caps?

I have found stretching after riding to help, with my leg muscles above the knee

Dodgy feet and sore legs?


See a podiatrist if you need orthotics they can make a huge difference.


Knee pads like tilers use may be worthwhile as well.

There are health providers (physio, podiatrist) who specialise in sport treatment and injuries. Give this post a few days for AC members to provide ideas. Or in the top right corner of the AC screen, enter an appropriate word in the textbox 'Search Adelaide Cyclists'.

A good bike fit will take care of all that...maybe a remedial massage also


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