I found this on the National Library site. 

I can only provide a link sorry as the site has stipulations about using the image.


Unusually for many older photographs, the location and date (Mclaren Vale 1957) are supplied and I suspect that there will be people here who recall these events. Possibly they may even recognise themselves or others.

There are three interesting helmets and I reckon the kid without is wishing he had one as I don't think he he's going to get around without that wheel going down.

I always wanted some of those handlebars when I was young.

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Thank you Gary for taking the time and thanks to Brian for the information. It must have taken him back and to recognise the riders is marvelous after all this time.

It's amazing the things that you can discover by asking a few questions. I knew Brian was involved with the skidkids in the early days and when he arrived back at my shop after our group ride, I showed him the photo and he instantly recognised the two riders. Brian was captain of the Kookaburras and Wayne Lind was vice captain.  Small world!

My grandfather, Max Francis, was the Captain of the Panthers.

He still has his old bike, helmet and captain's bib in his shed too.

Here's a photo of him jumping over some boys on his old malvern star.

search under cycle speedway abd you should find a whole lot more.

Findon skid kids still exists along with several other clubs. 

I have posted the link to the Lefevre Club if you are interested


Not sure what cycling event this was but I hope he had disc brakes on that bike otherwise the Torrens was his next stop.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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