I stepped on the scales this morning and was pleasantly surprised and while I ride for pleasure and the environment fitness and health maintenance also plays a part in it.

Perhaps you are consciously trying to loose weight or not - how much have you lost since say Dec 1?

I have been commuting a couple of extra days a week this year, doing a hill session one morning and a Sunday 60km ride and I've been going to training with Matt Lloyd once a week as well as watching what I eat and my portions sizes.

(of course you can keep your weight confidential but for the record I've lost 3.5 kgs or so--- and I just ate a Cherry Ripe, albeit a min-ish one)

Photo by ambib(flickr.com/ CC) --not me.. but my scales!

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Good stuff Bec, yours and the other stories on this thread are inspiring me to push harder with my own goals of getting down to 110 Kg at 124kg at moment, oh and I'm a tall bastard 6'5". I will get there! Well done All

I lost about 7 or 8 kgs leading up to my wedding 12 months ago and put it all back on again a couple of months later when I stopped having personal training 3 times a week. Hovering at about 65kg now, which is about 5kg over my idea of ideal for me (I'm 153cm). I think the cycling may help me to shift it again so long as I don't overcompensate with food (you know, I cycled today so I deserve that apple pie)... Doing yoga once a week and personal training once a week too, so I'm feeling pretty fit and healthy.

Well done to everyone who's lost weight (or put it on if that's you're goal) - it's hard work and gets a bit boring to watch what you eat all the time. My weakness is chocolate, and pie, and yeasty baked goods, and creamy pasta.... lol

Pip fit and healthy is the key not how much we weigh.

very true Bec


@ Pip your doing well.... 65k is a good weight to be.... as long as you feel happy thats the main thing

That's true, Bec. I feel great at the moment so I won't get too concerned about what the scales say. It's tricky to shake the idea that a certain number is important - I always have attached a certain importance to the 60 figure.... not sure why, really.

I'm within my healthy range now - I've fluctuated a lot for years - I put on 25kg after my first child was born and it took until my second was about 4 to get back down to a healthy range for me and since then I have managed to hover around 60-70kg for the last 5 years or so.

Thanks Helen, I am happy :-)

@ Helen and Bec - Very impressed with your stories, those are great results.

As you know we are never alone.....

we all try to work together to achieve the best outcome possible....


i won't regret joining AC... met heaps of people and enjoying more rides now...

funny enough...my kids don't whinge on the weekends when i'm out....


hmmmm.... one day i'm gonna come home to no house.... LOL

I am really enjoying reading this thread....fantastic work by everybody!!!!!!!

What I really like about this is the way everybody here is going about getting/keeping themselves fit and healthy.

Every single day I see person after person walking into the pharmacy to get their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes etc etc etc tablets. More often than not, the people getting these medications are also carrying a fair amount of excess weight. Many of whom do not care to lose the weight - the tablets are keeping them "healthy"! On the extreme side, I have seen a 15 year old with all of the above meds as he was so overweight. The food in his mum's trolley? You can probably guess.....

I also see a lot of people wanting the "quick fix" to weight loss - take a tablet (prescription or otherwise) to help shed the kilos, or use a meal replacement of some description. The thing lacking in the vast majority of these cases is the lack of willingness to exercise. These people often wonder why they struggle to lose weight....they usually end up going back to their old habits and putting the weight straight back on!

Keep up the great work guys and girls.....you will all eventually do me out of a job!!!!

small portions, low fat milk, low fat cheese, multigrain bread, drinking more mineral water was all I changed about my diet, simple as that.

yes darren i agree... meal supplements as in shakes... they don't teach the person the right eating habits.  I don't beleive that they supress the apetitie seriously...


i say its all in your head.... if you can do it .... put your mind to it and move it......


may i ask what you do darren???? are you a nutrionist???

I'm a pharmacist. A few years ago I helped to design a weight loss program for the pharmacy I was managing at the time, revolving around shakes. They don't actually suppress the appetite at all, its more about providing high protein and low carbs. Your body then converts your own excess fat into the energy you need, hence weight loss!

We tried to incorporate a healthy eating plan afterwards, teaching people about what sort of foods to eat, portion size etc etc, as well as starting a walking group. Unfortunately, nobody could be bothered joining the walking group. The general trend was to shed a few kilos using the shakes, then go straight back to their old diet, normally putting the weight back on. The excuses?? "Its too hard" and "I don't have time"!!!

Any weight loss program, or program to improve your health, no matter what it is, takes time and effort!!!!!

Its great to see so many people putting in the time and effort....as shown by all the comments here, the results are fantastic! The real beauty is that everybody here is doing something they truly enjoy, and we are all reaping the health benefits!

oh that's great to know a pharmacist....  if ever you need a guinea pig to trial... i'd be happy to... -:)

yes well we can make time to do other things...

so we can make no excuses to exercise.....

wow a cycling phamacist - that's a first :)


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