I've just acquired one of those Park Tool chain cleaning thingo's and you have to fill it with some degreaser then spin it around...

I'm interested to give it a go but anyone got any recommendations on some sort of non toxic, relatively environmentally friendly, citrus or similar degreaser? All the bike specific brands seem uber pricey.

How do you normally clean your chain? Must admit I've never degreased before, just a good wipe and re-lube...

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the scented wipes make your chain smell nice too.....takes away that oily smell

Thanks for all the tips guys n gals! Very helpful:-)

I'm planning to give both my roadies some good TLC this weekend...

Various motor parts stores sell citrus degreaser, supposedly not so environmentally nasty. I use this, very effective. The bonus, it can be used quite heavily diluted with water & still does a great job. At the rate/dilution I use mine, a 4l bottle will last me years.

Great for chains (using the likes of the Park chain cleaner) & for wiping over the treadly frame to get rid of bugs & greasy film that accumulate over time. A gentle rinse off with water afterward, job's done!

If you've got a big scary dog like Frank Nels what you can do is spread Pal on the chain and then let the dog lick the chain clean.

Just dont let the dog lick your face afterwards

I've been told raw egg works well as does peanut paste


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