Hi All, first post here so please go easy if I should've found this info elsewhere, still familiarising myself with the website:-)

Just wondering if there's any organised regular road rides or clubs for female riders in Adelaide? I'm not interested in racing but just good rides about the hills or wherever really! None of my female friends are remotely interested in bikes and generally tend to look shocked and appalled when I mention I went for a nice 80km blast around the hills on weekends lol. 

Alternatively if there's groups/clubs for boys and girls but specific to the hills area I'd also been keen...

What's out there? I'm sick of riding by myself or hassling my boyfriend to come with given he's waaay not as interested in road riding as me:-)


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Could be a chance to organise something via this website! 


depending on where you live Bek there are a number of groups that venture into the hills. The Muddies i can certainly vouch for but if u dont mind an early rise there is TMMLM (tuesday morning mt lofty madness) and also the Gawler Wheelers stretch their legs on some northern ranges.

Im Stirling based and ride mainly in the hills. I'm away working half the year but while Im on days off I ride every second day on average. I usually ride solo but am equally as happy riding with one or two others.



The Gully Grinders are social ride group that due to our location (Golden Grove/Tea Tree Gully) more often than not ride through the hills. There are two female riders in the group.

Our group page is here: http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/gully-grinders-north-east-cyc...

We ride on a Sunday morning from Golden Grove and our rides can be found via the events tab.

Also the Mishmash group at Birdwood. Think they ride Saturday morning.

I know you said you where not into racing so don't turn off when i say say check out the Adelaide Hills Vets Cycling Club they also have a side ride every Tuesday called the Tuesday treadlers (funny that) there is a link on the web site at the bottom called weekly events link to web site   http://www.ahvcc.org.au/

Hope this maybe some help


I feel your pain. I live in the blackwood area and would love to come out for rides.  where are you?

Hi Maya, I'm not too far away I'm in Stirling:-)

You can usually find me lurking in The Essence most mornings when I'm not away at work...sometimes youll also see my Bianchi lurking outside the cafe.  Amanda who runs the cafe is a hard core triathelete and is always pestering me to go riding with her...Im sure shed be keen to have you along on one of her rides.

Hi Martin, I know where you mean, will keep an eye out for the Bianchi! I'm on a Trek Madone which has a lot of aqua colouring about it. So if you see a Trek posing as a Bianchi you'll know it's me:-)

There doesn't seem to be any organised groups for the hills, I make way down from Crafers to the south to ride with the Muddies & SSRC. Always have room for another bike if anyone is interested.

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the replies! Plenty of ideas and offers which is great:-) I'll check out the links. I'm moderately outta action right now with some achilles tendonitis but I want to keep up my riding over winter so having others to ride with helps with the motivation in the cold weather!


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