I was flipping through the sunday mail today and find Peter Goers has repeated some of his nonsense about the frome st bikeway being a flop.  Searching for the article I've only turned up a previous article where he asserted this and was rebutted by the Adelaide City Council.

I don't mind people having an opposing view, but irks me when Goers muddies the waters with this kind of disinformation.

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Oh I should never have read it. Sure some car parks are 9 bucks and hour but others aren't, using one bad experience on a Saturday night as an example of public transport...really, 90 minutes from Collinswood, um he has a choice of two bus routes both of which travel down King William St in a worst case 30 min. Problem with these pieces is they are written to get website hits and 1000 comments.

Oh and when did he become an Urban Planning expert. we should be grateful the MATS plan was scrapped, more roads means more traffic. Many studies have shown this and some major cities around the world have removed their freeways etc. and found huge improvements.

We had a free Sunday Mail delivered last weekend and it's still only good for starting a fire or wrapping the kitchen scraps.


It takes me a bit over an hour to catch the bus from my house (north-east) all the way to my workplace (down south). I often need to catch two or three buses to complete the trip. Not sure what the distance via bus is, but it is around 27 km when I ride my bike.

If it is taking him 90 minutes to bus 5 km, he's doing something wrong.

There is a reason a switch over from 891 to alternative stations in the evenings

Goers is paid to write the same ten articles on a rolling ten week roster. He is not a journalist, nor an important person in Adelaide. His intellect is base level, contributing nothing to society. I hope he reads this.

Well said

He is, at least, a well-considered expert when it comes to the important matter of sitting on your arse and drinking lots of wine. 


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