Starting a long term plan to buy an e bike. Preferably something suited to carrying lots of shopping. Suitable to have a robust basket or rack on the front. Should be ready to ride as opposed to converting. Would prefer something a bit chunkier than skinny road wheels. Prices seem to range from about$1,000 to $5000 would prefer price to be in lower range. Leitner look interesting but would like to hear from anybody with experience good or bad.

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I saw 2 new Leitner bikes about a week ago and the owners said they were very happy with them . Bought them somewhere in Melbourne , that's all I know . 

The cheap components on low end e-bikes would worry me, although you could progressively upgrade things like brakes and forks as they fail. The price of reasonable quality hydraulic discs should make them a manufacturers option over crummy cable operated stuff.

Hi Clive,

Here's my best recommendation for reliability and value for money - a good quality rigid mtb (new or s/h), kitted out with good quality racks, baskets etc and fitted with a Bafang BBS-HD drive and 18ah hard-cased battery. Strong, reliable and easily fixable if damaged. But you'll need to make up a '250 watt' sticker of course! ;-)



MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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