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Notice for cyclists
City-bound bike traffic is detoured at Winifred Avenue to continue straight on Pleasant Avenue, cross South Road at the pedestrian crossing, follow the eastern South Road footpath, right Aroha Terrace, left Norman Terrace under the overpass.

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The light rail platform has both a lift and stairs on each side of South Road. It would not have been allowed to open if it only had lifts, or if it only had stairs without another DDA-compliant access (lift or DDA-compliant ramp).

The shared path is separated from the light rail platform by one of the tracks and there is consequently no access between them on top of the overpass. Even if some sort of exemption from the rail safety rules was negotiated, there are still the twin problems that the layout of the overpass would not allow for such a level crossing and the failed span still needs to be repaired/replaced.

Riding on the Eastern South Road footpath is extremely dangerous as there are many points of conflict where cars drive out of driveways next to buildings with no visibility of oncoming pedestrians or cyclists.

I've nearly been hit several times, I stick to Anzac Highway now. I dare say many less confident cyclists that previously enjoyed the bikeway are no longer riding due to this dangerous and inconvenient (I've waited up to 2.5 minutes to cross at the crossing!) detour.


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