Ok, so I do a lot of hills riding... ride to work into the city then back to home to the hills etc.

A few months ago instead of riding up Norton Summit Rd home I thought I'd give Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way a crack for the first time.

OMG... it is a total sufferfest! I've never felt so tortured in my life! Absolutely shattered by the end.

So I was pretty hesitatent to give Corkscrew Rd a crack after 80kms on the Ride for Pain this weekend because I'd built it up to be like Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way in my mind. Once I'd done it, honestly I didn't think it was too bad at all!

So I'd like to know what you'd rate as the 3 hardest climbs you done around Adelaide!

Is Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way THAT bad lol?!

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Yes, Woolcock is a tough one too. Turner's Gully has the venom in the tail, just as you think 'this is not so hard' it starts. But I feel Potter's is harder.
Not hard (a nice constant 5-6 %) but very beautiful IMO is Old Clarendon Road (I think it's called), the second right after the pub after Turner's.

May I offer an alternative view?

The 3 hardest climbs I've ever done around Adelaide are three of those days when I have barely been able to get out of bed and face the day, when my head aches, my legs feel like lead, my bike feels like the weight of a cement truck with square wheels, and the day seems bleak and hostile.

Those three climbs were up my driveway, all of 8 metres long with a 6% slope.

8 metres of 6% grade...how the hell do you do it????

I have not made the last section yet and it remains my short-term goal to ride up the last bit.  As training for this,  I find Mt Osmond from the start of Thirkell Avenue Beaumont a good ride, average 10.2% with much steeper bits. Hopefully my 34-28 will do it when warmed up and with a tail wind. Final section of Coach road is for another day.

How many of you are like me and suffer from "cant let the chain flick onto the biggest cog on the cluster" syndrome? To get up a grade on the second to biggest cog is allowable......flicking onto the biggest cog is total cop out and you might as well be riding with training wheels.

Keep in reserve but on Woodlands Way, there is no "space" left for reserve.


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