That was the comment my business partner made to me today, he lives in the hills and whilst not affected by the closure couldn't see the point of it. I'm inclined to agree with him. We strive week in and week out to co-exist on the roads with motorists, but when we (or Bike SA) want a special bike ride, they close off the road, Highway 1 no less, to the vast majority of the travelling public. How to win friends and influence people. How many motorists were inconvenienced yesterday, and what will their ongoing opinion of cyclists be, as a result?

I discussed the Amy's Gran Fondo ride with my g/f over the weekend as I might do that this year (call me a hypocrite) and her reaction was "What if you are an overseas tourist and that day you planned to drive the GOR and can't because it's closed for a bunch of wannabe Cadel's" (subtlety is not her strong suit).

If we want to be taken seriously as legitimate road users, maybe we just need to "suck it up" and ride with the cars.

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Plenty of nauseating " two wrongs make a right.."

Or is it just give and take.

 Are you really just another person who considers only their own cycling to be real, we have so many on AC each with their own version of real and so little tolerance of the ideals of others.

these motorists need a cup of cement and get over it

The old road was still open, so not like it was completely blocked getting out of town.
I think having the majority of access roads out of the eastern suburbs closed would have made life for some of the locals in the hills more frustrating

For 365 days of the year cyclists are banned from riding on the freeway and do you hear us complaining....NO.  Now for a couple of hours in ONE morning we have been granted permission to ride this short route and already pathetic people are whinging about it. 

The thing that will give us a bad image is the careless riders who ride two abreast and hold up countless amouts of cars, as I witnessed several times on the Sunday ride.  I felt ashamed to be riding anywhere near those riders who had plenty of room to move aside in single line over the white line safely and let the cars past, even after being yelled at by other cyclists at the rear that cars wanted to pass.

I yelled "car back" a couple of times to a group of three who were riding 3 abreast but I really believe they had no idea what I was on about, no reaction whatsoever.
There was 3 or 4 cars banked up behind them (the first car stayed alongside of me for a few hundred metres) even a cyclist would have to go on the wrong side to get around them !

I have put some comments about items like this in the online survey that they emailed out today.

Ahhh... yeah... screamed "car back" at a guy riding by himself in the middle of the road 3 times before a car shoved its way around him.  He just didn't respond at all!  Many similar situations all along the ride...

I was on a ride once and someone thought I was saying "come back"

+1 Yes! I hate that too and all the other yelling that goes on in groups sometimes.  'Car back', 'car up', 'car flying through the freakin air'.

'STFU you gormless bloody tool' I say quietly under my breath.  As for the poor road craft I find myself avoiding some of these rides for that very reason. Why is it so many twits are attracted to these rides?

I'm with P O'K on this. Why close a 3 lane freeway when there is a perfectly good and almost-car-free alternative that runs alongside? As a cyclist I just can't understand why BikeSA and the AGF continue to put bike rides on major highways. When roads are closed for other events they are almost always the only option (you could argue that the City to Bay could be run on the footpath) but that ride on Sunday had a perfectly usable bike path/road that has been used in the past (Coast to Coast and RLC both handled several thousand riders without issue). I think car drivers have the right to ask WTF? There can be only one reason why the the ride went up the Freeway - a sales gimmick - and sadly it appeared to work. While BikeSA may be picking up lots of new riders with these sorts of "hey come and ride a super ugly piece of 3 lane bitumen and we'll throw in some music in a tunnel just for fun" they aren't catering to people like me who are looking for a challenging ride on roads less travelled. Those options died with the Sea to Vines and Coast to Coast.

Agree Frank, they closed a heap of streets and a bike path around the east of the city for a week for a car race and they closed off East Terrace for a pissup outside of PJ O'Briens on Saturday night.

Everyone gets a turn is only fair eh ?

Bike path works for RLC, although admittedly it struggles with 3000 riders. Why close the whole freeway, could they not have closed one lane and allowed cars in the other, at say, 25kph. Probably not sexy enough as a marketing tool.

Also, while all the emphasis is on the freeway, I believe other roads were closed in the hills as well. Why is no one focussing on them?

As a cyclist it would be great to ride on closed roads, even if only for a day. I'm a bit bemused how Bike SA think that this will promote cycling though, it seems to me they are preaching to the converted with this ride, and any non cyclist will find further reason to dislike the "lycra warriors".

Any new rider who rode yesterday because of the traffic free roads is in for a rude awakening if they decide to ride the next bike SA ride which I think is the Grand Slam around Mt Torrens.

Sorry, got the bit between my teeth on this. After Devils Elbow there is not only a bike lane but an entire road as well. If single lane roads are good enough for the rest of the ride why not the Old Freeway? My issue is not road closures, but closing freeways (South eastern and the Southern Expressway) for people to ride a bike on. I am not disputing that the Sunday ride probably captured 100's or maybe even 1000's of people who don't normally ride in the hills - this can only be a good thing - its the fact that the ride was sold on what I consider to be a gimmick (ride up the freeway) that only serves to anger car drivers because closing the freeway was unnecessary when a perfectly good alternative exists. I've also not got a problem with road closures - riding up Greenhill Rd on a closed road would be fantastic - I'd sign up for that in an instant, as is riding up the traffic free Gorge Rd on the TDU Challenge Ride.


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