Changes to Greenhill Rd Clearway/Bike Lane times - from late June 2016 (WOOHOO!)

Our Greenhill Road business today received advice from the traffic operations group that from late June the hours of operation for clearways and bicycle lanes on Greenhill Road will be as follows:

ANZAC HWY TO FULLARTON ROAD: 7am-10am and 3pm-7pm (both eastbound and westbound) Monday to Friday.

FULLARTON ROAD TO GLYNBURN ROAD: 7am-10am westbound and 3pm-7pm eastbound, Monday to Friday.

A survey seeking feedback on the changes will be available from the OMT website six months after they are implemented. Travel times review, local impact assessment etc undertaken after 12 months. 

Sounds great to me! as someone who commutes along Greenhill rd between Glynburn and Peacock Rd Monday to Friday and is sometimes running late due to school drop-off or laziness...worst normally at 8:55am when some jokers think it is close enough to 9am to if they could only go so far as to install a bikeline between fullarton rd and glen osmond westbound!

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How thick is the road base and bitumen layer under 1. a part time traffic lane and 2. an off street car park?

It doesn't matter. If the lane is already there but only needed for peak traffic, allowing the unused capacity to be used for parking outside of peak periods is free.

So that's a cost of $0 for the off-peak parking, against the cost of acquiring land and constructing a car park off the street.

Not to mention the rate and tax paying members of the public visiting those businesses. 

Why was the Clearway actually extended to 10am and reduced to 3pm in the first place? I drive down Greenhill road all the time, physically worked at the Western end of Greenhill rd for 5 years, there is no apparent difference in traffic flow between 9am and 1pm?

But not when those businesses close down or move to a more accomodating area. Businesses owning properties make less profit (i.e. pay less corporate tax to the ATO) when their buildings are empty, and vacant buildings are valued less (i.e. pay less rates to the council) than if they have tenants.

I don't know of the reason given for extending the morning period as the morning peak in Adelaide is over well before 9am unless there is disruption, but I agree with having the 3pm start in the afternoon just before schools finish for the day.

From the notification our business received in April

"Why are these changes being made

Riddle me this - if you owned a business on Greenhill rd, would you be happy that your customers could only access your premises for 5 hours a day, I wouldn't be.

To be honest, the few times I've had to visit a business on Greenhill Rd I've either parked down a side street and walked, or used an on site car park. Leaving your vehicle standing in a part time traffic lane is a recipe for a texting moron to run up the back of it. Don't scoff, I've seen it happen. Both cars were write offs.

Welcome back to the Frome St Bikeway debate. 

I'd bet that most of the cars parked on Greenhill are couriers or people going to meetings, there aren't really any customer focused businesses based there?
I wouldn't plan my business around a model of people parking on the side of a busy main road, it doesn't seem professional or sustainable

The only business I deal with on Greenhill has an underground carpark big enough for staff and visitors and a laneway that the couriers use, maybe the others just leased the wrong buildings for their needs

Traffic has risen considerably over the years and so has the element of risk parking along Greenhill Road. 

If you are business owner and expect customers to drop by often and you care about your customers you would find a more appropriate premises with adequate parking. 

The left most lane is under-utilised and you can see traffic merging into the next lanes well before the known stretches where road-side parking is popular. This reduces speed and the smooth flow of traffic. 

DPTI has some preliminary data & a follow up survey about the Greenhill Rd Bike lane/clearway operating hours extension here:


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