Hi Folks,

I noticed on the recent BUPA Challenge that my chain is slipping slightly when under load or accelerating in the bottom two cogs of the rear cluster (I.e The two "highest" gears).

The chain was last replaced in approximately July 2011, and has been regularly cleaned and lubed etc. I have tried cleaning and lubing it further and have also tried adjusting the rear derailleur, all to no avail. I'm now thinking that it's time to replace the chain and possibly the rear cluster too.

I was just wondering, how long do chains last on average?

My current bike runs Sora running gear (I know, I know, I'm going to get flamed for this but money was really tight at the time of purchase and I'm now desperate to upgrade!) and I was just wondering if I'd get better longevity from a more upmarket chain and cluster set E.g. Tiagra or 105's etc???

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I'm the same Frank. LIke I said to my wife recently, the bike may not be worth much, but it's the only bike I have at the moment and allows me to do what I love.

I was getting quite tense and paranoid seeing how close people were hanging their bikes to one another after The Big Red Ride!

Seriously, would you allow your car to rest against another?! LOL

+1. LOL

Amen Brother.
ditto....maintenance is the key :)

the community work shop has a tool for checking chain wear ti should take less than 5 minutes.

They also have the tools to align the gears.

You may need to get your hands dirty.

Thanks for this Don.

When is the next Community Workshop? It would be a great way to learn about bike mechanics.

the workshop is usually open 9:15 (9:00 officially) to noon Saturdays

for location



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