How iconic, Going on dark, Flying downhill on the linear trail at Walkley Heights.
30-35kph on my hybrid on gravel, around a sweeping bend and into my lights
appears a brown snake across the whole blasted track ... SH*T ...
I cant stop, I cant swerve, all I had time to do was unclip, put my feet on the
top bar and pray.
I was truly fortunate. For whatever reason it didnt wrap around my wheels,
it didnt flick up and most importantly, it didnt bite me.
Tonight I truly have something to celebrate.
Keep your eyes open people - they're out there.

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Yeah, same scenario last summer on the Southern Veloway. Soon after passing the Brownie I slowed to let a mum with a pram know there was a snake on the path!

They're only dangerous when they bite!

Yeah, and cars are only dangerous when there's an idiot behind the wheel. LOL.

Which is very often!

We had a brown snake jump up and bit a wheel during a race.  Even found the marks on the carbon wheel after the race.

To add to this I ran over a baby brown snake this morning when going up the last hard bit of the SEXY climb up to Majors Rd, juts before it comes back next to the road.

Was only small, probably 30cm, only just saw it before it went under my front wheel, think I just clipped it and after a frantic look around the bike and my shoes to check it hadn't attached itself, I presume it went on it's way. Reason I didn't see it was cause it was sun baking on the path and only moved at the last second, thought it was a twig.


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