Adelaidenow/Messenger currently running poll on bike registration

There is an item today on Adelaidenow/Messenger in relation to the Campbelltown silly idea to impose bike registration on cyclists. Cyclists know it would not work and only discourage cycling (which is probably  the real agenda of some), however they are running a poll which surprisingly currently shows a small majority in support on the idea.  While such polls are hardly scientific or unbiased, they are nonetheless  tools that are used to lobby the point and justify a position.  I would therefore urge AC members to jump on the site and vote in the poll

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It's terrible that woman broke her ribs the other day, and unless there's some major detail we haven't heard, the cyclist was clearly in the wrong. 

I don't see any problem with this cyclist being prosecuted for other applicable charges even if a hit-and-run charge might not stick. Driving/riding without due care or dangerous driving/riding would still be options. 

If he's a member of a cycling club, I hope they would send a message by publicly suspending or cancelling his membership.

I also don't see any problem with his third party insurance being sued to recover the medical costs and compensate the victim for her temporarily lost quality of life while she recovers. Otherwise you and I are stuck with the medical bill, instead of taxes being spent on schools or public parks or improving infrastructure.

But (and I know I'm preaching to the choir here) that's got to be balanced against the number of car vs cycle deaths, and car vs pedestrian deaths.

The "balancing against the number of driver-caused deaths" can carry on unabated while this case is properly dealt with by the police and courts.

The near 100% focus on drivers in expensive road safety advertising campaigns (the only TV ads I've seen focusing on cyclists have been as a component of certain rail safety campaigns, which is justified as cyclists are overrepresented in level crossing abuse) would suggest that this is already the case, albeit that it needs better legislation and infrastructure rather than just campaigns.

Let the courts deal with the cases as they come, and keep that separate from the transport policy teams dealing with the trends.

I just think its a shame when we are given more rights there has to be more responsibility, this is where the whole rego argument starts off. We got the right to ride on footpaths and all is good , but some think its ok to do excessive speeds on them, they are still personally and morally liable for there own actions, we shouldn't defend dangerous behavior. I seen one guy go the road then up on to the footpath then back onto the road just to avoid some lights one day. I don't know where common sense steps in lol.

I seen one guy go the road then up on to the footpath then back onto the road just to avoid some lights one day.

Yes I saw someone do that on the T junction of Frome near the RAH the other day. 

If it's done safely, what's the problem? It's now legal to do so.

You could even argue it's safer, as you spend less time riding alongside other traffic.


This was done at reasonably high speed in this case.  But I guess you are right though it's generally OK now. It just looks wrong :-) 

Even the hells angels bikers don't do it, if you want to be taken as a serious road user by motorist I wouldn't do it unless it was very quiet.

Respect gains respect remember, just because things can be done does not make it right. I have actually seen it Adelaide train station walk crossing at fairly high speed, I don't think the rules are meant to be bent, on road off road on road etc.

What rules are being bent?

Seems this has been stopped for now. Advertiser are reporting:

THE state’s local councils have voted against supporting a bid to get cyclists to register their bikes — only two Adelaide councils wanted it to happen.

Campbelltown Council had hoped its motion — asking the LGA to investigate lobbying the State Government to force all riders over 16 to have identification on their bikes, effectively introducing a registration system — would get the support of the state’s councils.

South Australian councils are in Adelaide today for a Local Government Association meeting.

The eastern Adelaide council argued this would make it easier for the police and the public to identify riders who broke road rules.

But only West Torrens supported the move.

Earlier this week, Bike SA sent an email to its 6000 members urging them to lobby local mayors to oppose the motion.

That's no surprise, despite the BikeSA FUD it was never going to get up.

Credit must go to the Campbelltown Mayor Simon Brewer, who opted not to attend rather than present a motion he opposed so firmly. That it was left to the deputy mayor to present the motion was probably a major factor in it being rejected by such a huge margin.

It might have never been going to get up, but it was important to have a strong response the nip any momentum in the bud

Why did West Torrens support the move I wonder?

Its mayor opposes cycling on footpaths. eg: West Torrens Council examines bike speed limits on footpaths


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