Riding with no hands

Started by Jo Ferg in General Discussion. Last reply by snappy_don 11 minutes ago. 19 Replies

April Fools day at Mount Gambier

Started by Mike W in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Robert Hill 25 minutes ago. 3 Replies

Campagnolo Garage Sale

Started by Dstone in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Dstone 32 minutes ago. 18 Replies

Geelong flyer 1000 A long weekend on the bike

Started by scott mccann in Ride Reports. Last reply by Michael Bland 1 hour ago. 9 Replies

Ardrossan Cycling?

Started by David Latte in General Discussion. Last reply by David Latte 2 hours ago. 5 Replies

Servicing/Maintaining the MTB

Started by Boon Tee in Gear and Tech. Last reply by rossmg yesterday. 3 Replies

New lights by Adelaide developer DING

Started by Gus K in Gear and Tech. Last reply by Martin Turner yesterday. 12 Replies

Comedy Cycling - Is This You

Started by Paul Jorgensen in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by rossmg yesterday. 56 Replies

Garmin 200 wanted

Started by scott mccann in General Discussion on Sunday. 0 Replies

upgrading to garmin

Started by Troy Collett in Gear and Tech. Last reply by Indra on Sunday. 63 Replies

Suggestions for a 32c ish road tyre

Started by Dave McHenry in General Discussion. Last reply by snappy_don on Saturday. 11 Replies

performance clincher tyres

Started by Andrew M in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Adam S on Saturday. 18 Replies


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Altitude training: sea-level performance benefits and preparation for travel to high-altitude environments

Posted by Andrew Vogler on May 31, 2013 at 11:45 3 Comments

The main discussion on the Training and Nutrition forum over the last month has been the Mount Haleakala hill climb in Hawaii, which is a 55 km ride to an altitude of 3050 m (5.5% average grade). The forum discussion briefly mentioned the challenges of exercising at altitude and the possibility of using altitude training to prepare for travel to a high-altitude environment. As an Accredited Sports Scientist and operator of Adelaide Human Performance, I thought I’d provide some background about altitude training.

Any discussion of altitude training needs to start with the metabolic role of oxygen and how oxygen availability decreases at altitude. The oxygen we breathe is used by the aerobic metabolic pathways to synthesize energy for cellular work. So in terms of exercise capacity, the more oxygen we can consume, the more energy that can be produced, and the more work that can be performed. This is why…


Jannette Sadik-Kahn: All hail the queen of New York City

Posted by Gus K on July 23, 2014 at 23:53 2 Comments

This originally appeared in the Bicycle Institute, SA's quarterly journal Pedal Update. Read the whole issue here or join the Bicycle Institute to help improve cycling for all in SA, it's now free.

Her transformation of New York from gridlock to a walkable and cycle-able city is legendary. Velo-City guest speaker Jannette Sadik-Kahn was New York City’s Commissioner of Transportation and oversaw its dramatic transformation to a cycling and pedestrian mecca, and her presentation impressed Bicycle Institute's Gus Kingston.

‘Our mean…


Mt Crawford, Wirra Wirra Peaks, loop

Posted by Rob Michaelson on October 17, 2014 at 20:49 0 Comments

Great mountain bike ride few weekends ago. starting from Mt Crawford Forest HQ. Rode around Mt Crawford from the south and, perhaps illegally, crossed some land to get to Police Paddock rd which takes you thru the Gap. Council Maps web page shows a public access route, but couldnt find a visible track.  Onto Mount Rd and up the lovely fire tracks in Wirra Wirra peaks. Lucky to have my map to find the less steep parts. Onto Blockers rd for a hard slog on the Heysen trail linking up to Ross Fire track. Down Old Glen Gillian rd. On the main rd. Turn up Manser rd , into Forest following Fry road leading back to Mt Crawford Forest HQ. Probably avoid the Blockers rd bit next time.

An Adelaide Cyclist in Copenhagen

Posted by Peter Hill on May 4, 2014 at 23:25 9 Comments

Earlier in this year (in March) I embarked on a big tour of Norway and Finland to go chasing the Aurora Borealis (aka ‘The Northern Lights’)

 I had a couple of days in Stockholm (Sweden) and a couple more in Copenhagen (Denmark) and for the benefit of some cycling friends here in Adelaide I have collated a few photos to help de-mystify the Scandinavian bike thing.

Unlike my great trip a few years ago where I hired a bike and rode around Manhattan my experiences of this trip were limited to being an observer as foot traffic and occasional taxi rides.  Sounds like a cop out but considering my grand stuff up from Feb 2013 (I broke my leg slipping on ice in St Petersburg on day 2 of a 6 week holiday!), my notion of risk was highly elevated and jumping on a bike was ruled…


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